INTERACTIVE HUMANE (iHumane) is a customizable and comprehensive software that brings organization and effectiveness to the full range of Human Resource functions and responsibilities. iHumane provides easy, accurate and timely retrieval of employee and activity-oriented information through menu driven, user-friendly operations and interactive user interface. This is an indigenous software developed and deployed by Laukamz as an intervention product to solve the multifaceted and intertwined daily tasks that human resource personnel are saddled with.

As a technology savvy organization that’s always ahead of the curve in employing technology as a core tool for simplifying and harmonizing processes with outputs that are more robust than other alternative means, with a focus on effectiveness and productivity. It is with this mindset that iHumane was designed: to meet the information need of all levels of Management and facilitate decision-making, planning, monitoring, and control of daily activities.

iHumane is a web-based application designed to enable centralized access to the full range of human resource data, functions, and processes in any organization. The key features functionalities are not limited to:
• Employment & personal data capture
• Performance management including appraisals, trainings, resignations & terminations
• Company announcements & directives
• Payroll administration
• Loan management
• Biometric enrollment & verification
• Time tracking and attendance reporting
• User management
• Employee self-service

A major advantage of iHumane is its transparency across all managerial levels. This versatile system takes in all raw data of an organization and transforms it into a strategic powerful management tool. The interactive interface of iHumane enables managers, and other users alike (with respect to access level) to better understand the state of affairs for prompt and accurate decision-making. From salaries, tax computations and generation of pay slips to training and assessment management, iHumane is the tool to manage all functionalities of your HR department.

The multi-format reporting option of iHumane which can be shared with users on the system, as a file attachment straight to email and even to printer gives users a seamless experience in sharing files and documents. Comparative analysis can be done through the reports which can be viewed in the form of Graphs, Bar Charts & Pie Charts. This helps in getting a figurative analysis of data.

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