Senior Backend Engineer – Ruby on Rails – Edinburgh, Scotland, U.K.

Job Description

XYZ is seeking a senior back-end engineer for its Account Management team, which is working to extract services supporting identity, permissions, and entitlements from our existing monolith as we grow into an SOA. You would be involved in building a roles and permissions service along with an entitlements library, responsible for piecing together subscription, usage, and permission information. You will help architect and design, as well as scale, this internal permissions service. The position also maintains ownership over our Okta integration, SSO, and mapping identity provider-based user directories to roles and permissions within our app. This role affords an opportunity to exercise existing expertise and to grow with XYZ as we expand internationally and technically.

About XYZ:

What makes the difference between a product that’s engaging, compelling, and easy to use and one that’s frustrating, broken, and complicated? The answer is user experience. Here at XYZ, our mission is to help our customers create great experiences. We enable every organization to deliver the best customer experience powered by human insight.

XYZ will continuously invest in your education with a reserved and generous budget and the tools necessary to do the job the right way. We also provide unlimited paid time off.

About the Account Management Team:

The Account Management squad owns everything at XYZ about users and what they’re entitled to do. We integrate with SalesForce for subscription entitlement information, structure and allow administration of user and account level permissions and the roles within an account. We also own our Okta integration and Single Sign-On (including directory integration for role information). We are also responsible for permissions within our app and allowing the customer the ability to create their own roles. We’re part of the larger Platform tribe, where we participate in guiding the larger infrastructure and architecture across the organization.

The Opportunity:

XYZ is a market leader, with demonstrated success and a decade of user testing data. As our customer and participant user-bases grow, we have identified a need to lay out a more granular system for permissions and roles. We are redefining the roles within our application to better suit the needs of our users. Your work will both drive technical excellence in developing and maintaining a permissions service that will serve as an example to a new SOA. The role will be responsible for defining an interface for other internal teams to interact with the permissions service as well as the metering and subscription services to determine customer entitlements.

Overarching theme for the next 12 months: 

  1. Complete the development and launch of our internal permissions microservice.
  2. Integrate with LaunchDarkly to store customer subscription information.
  3. Redefine how workspaces work with roles and usage governance.
  4. Expand our Okta integration with directory services to allow customers to automate role and permission assignment for new users.
  5. Enhance login by enabling social logins for testers.
  6. Integrate with SFDC to provision and maintain subscription information.
  7. Solve security issues pertaining to authorized viewing and sharing of customer content.

What We Have Ownership For:

  • Architecture, design, and development of microservices.
  • Partnering with internal engineering teams to understand and capture their needs with respect to different customer and participant roles.
  • Redefining workspaces and how customers organize their teams and permissions.
  • Maintaining and expanding utilization of our Okta integration.
  • Combining permissions and active directory information to solve customer and security concerns.

What We’re Looking For:

  • Capability of communicating a clear and compelling vision for a permissions service.
  • Experience breaking up a monolithic code base into microservices.
  • Familiarity with authentication, SSO, and working with IdP’s, ideally Okta.
  • Proficient in Ruby.
  • Significant experience working with Rails and GraphQL.
  • Ability to collaborate to drive expansion of existing abilities for engagement of other engineering teams.
  • Familiarity with SOA best practices with Terraform, Docker, and Kubernetes at a 100+ engineer company
  • Nice-to-have: Front end experience
  • Nice-to-have: GO experience

How to apply:

Please send CV/Resume to for a review or call +234-7047066725 should you require further information.

To apply for this job email your details to