To be successful

To be successful

Whats needed to be successful? No matter what your definition of success is, you know that it’s not easy to achieve it.

Even a simple definition of success like “I want to live life on my own terms” requires hard work. Every sane person who aspires to live a good life understands that.

But when people start talking about the things you have to give up for success, that might cause you to go to a dark path. No matter what you’re trying to achieve in life; under no circumstances should you “sacrifice” anything.

“But what about all the hard work you’re talking about? I need to sacrifice all the other things I want to do.”

The answer to that question is simple. No one said it better than Tony Robbins:

“If you think it’s a sacrifice, you shouldn’t do it.”

When you think you have to sacrifice something in your life in order to be successful, what do you think will happen?

You will build frustration and resentment towards yourself. And guess what happens then? That lofty goal that should have made you happy ends up making you miserable.

If you change your mindset from” I’m sacrificing something” to “I’m choosing something,” you’re prioritizing your life.

Another challenge is that we still believe in the work-life balance. Let us please settle that whole conversation right here. The pattern always goes as follows:

We work to pay the bills.

And our work takes up 8-9 hours of our days. That’s a whole lot of time or in other words: Your work IS your life.  You are your work. And your work is you. There’s nothing good or bad about that. It’s merely a fact. The cure to having a successful work  life is picking a career that fits your goals, lifestyle, and strengths.

Get better at what you do. Find out what your strengths are, and work in a field where you can be part of the important majority.

Chidimma Nwakama