To Be Successful

To be successful

On the journey to success, what is required? During our constant, insatiable and lifelong struggle towards achieving success, what is considered NEEDED? No matter what comes to mind, I’m sure we can all agree that it is not easily achieved.

What do we perceive as success in the first place? Is it overcoming every form of trial that comes our way? Or is it being able to live life on our own terms? Or is it even being able to look back, at the end of the day and ascertain that we’ve had a life well lived? No matter what our perception of success is, I think it is universal knowledge that success does not come easy. At least every sentient individual should understand this fact.

But, talking about success you may hear from people about all the things you might have to sacrifice. This might cause you to go down a dark path. Because no matter what you’re trying to achieve at whatever point of your life, you shouldn’t have to sacrifice anything.

You might be asking “but what about all the hard work you’ve spoken about? I’d need to sacrifice all other luxuries in order to accomplish that, wont I?”  the answer to that question is a simple “NO”. There is yet to be a more elaborate response to this question than the one provided by Tony Robbins, who said; “if you think it’s a sacrifice, you shouldn’t do it”. When you conclude you must sacrifice something in order to be successful, something you might hold dear, what do you think will happen? You unknowingly build frustration and resentment towards yourself, and then guess what happens? That sumptuous goal that should have made you feel accomplished leaves you feeling unfulfilled and miserable. So if you change your mindset from “I’m sacrificing” to “I’m making a progressive choice for my life” you’ll find that you come out with better results, as you’ve prioritized the betterment of your life.

Another challenge we face is that we still have the work-life balance mentality. It’s become a pattern, a part of us, a part of our daily lives. A recurring phenomenon. The pattern goes like this; we work to pay bills, and most times such jobs take up at least 8-9 hour  of our whole days, five days a week, some all seven. That’s a whole lot of our time to devote and by so doing, your work becomes your life, you are your work, and your work becomes you. You have little to no time for other activities. There’s nothing totally bad about this, so long as you’re able to get by. Right? But it’s not entirely good either.

The hack to having a successful and comfortable work life is deciding on a career that fits your goals, lifestyle and strengths.  Get better at whatever you’re doing, find out what your weaknesses are, and eliminate them. Discover your strengths and apply them where you can be a part of the important majority.

Chidimma Nwakama